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We have been one largest distributor of Veneers and the brands that we maintain.

Varieties of Veneers available with us:

Uro veneers
Timex veneers
 Vir veneers
 Jackson veneers

Veneering is often thought of as an inferior alternative to well finished, solid timber. But although veneers are sometimes employed to disguise a shoddily made carcase, they are pro­perly used for another reason. For structural reasons, many of the most beautiful timbers are not suitable for use in solid form. Even well seasoned timber is subject to shrinkage, casting, twisting and splitting, especially in centrally heated homes; and many solid timbers have an irregular microstructure which, in shaped work, can shorten the grain and reduce their strength. Furthermore, even if these timbers displayed none of the above faults, they along with the more common hardwood species would be rapidly depleted.

Carefully selected and applied to the right base or groundwork, veneers not only reduce the cost of materials but also enlarge the scope of the designer to create fine furniture, much of which could not be made from solid timber. Small areas of rare hardwoods or common burrs can be cut and built up to cover large areas. Timbers can be cut in such a way that, when used as veneers, they appear as beautiful mirrored repeat patterns or many other decorative effects. The use of veneers also allows stronger methods of construction as well as enabling such things as curves or bow fronted drawers to be made without showing a great number of joints.